Tonight’s Tirade: A Woman’s Unrealistic View

I’m so pumped up and on the largest soap box I can find at the moment. Why? It’s all because of these perfectly, gorgeous, beautiful women I know who don’t seem to know just how perfectly, gorgeous, and beautiful they are. Today I worked with a woman who is around my age. I think she’s […]

That Song I Probably Shouldn’t Like…But Do Anyway

I’m driving in my car and a song comes on. The beat is good. I start bobbing my head. Then the lyrics start and every other word is b**** or f***. Of course it’s bleeped out but I know exactly what they’re saying. Despite the words, I can’t stop listening. The song has me completely […]

Does A New Year Mean A New Me?

Well, it’s officially 2013. A new year has finally made an appearance. I’m sure many will be excited and look to the new year as a time to start over and make resolutions. Resolutions that most people won’t keep and give up on halfway through the year. I made a resolution a long time ago […]