That Song I Probably Shouldn’t Like…But Do Anyway

I’m driving in my car and a song comes on. The beat is good. I start bobbing my head. Then the lyrics start and every other word is b**** or f***. Of course it’s bleeped out but I know exactly what they’re saying. Despite the words, I can’t stop listening. The song has me completely sucked in.

I am completely into a song that is constantly played on the radio right now featuring some very young, but prominent rappers. The song talks about everything I should really be against as a woman and probably as a human being. But I can’t stop listening to it. Every time it comes on I turn it up louder and zone out to the lyrics. I love the beat and even the hook which is basically a string of curse words repeated over and over again. I mean it makes sense, but in a very cave man kind of way.

I know I’m not the only person who has ever felt this way about a song. All of us, at some point in time, has had a song that we were forbidden to listen to by our parents or that we ourselves just knew was wrong to listen to. But we went ahead and listened to it and liked it anyway. Whether it was in secret or out in the open, there is always THAT song.

I am glad I don’t have children at this moment in my life. I wouldn’t want to, or even know how to, explain to them why it is that mommy wants to crank up this loud, misogynist, rap song and sing along with it. How can I listen to something but want to shield it from the ears and minds of a son or daughter? True, I sneakily listened to rap a lot growing up and I never took it that seriously. It was music. Some of which had great meaning behind it and I could really relate to. Of course, my parents were not big rap fans. I never had parents who listened to anything I listened to with the exception of Al Green’s “Love and Happiness”. My parents were classical, gospel, blues people while their daughter was rap, rhythm and blues, and rock. But, my children and I will probably end up liking the same genre’s of music. So, how do I justify my secret taste for inappropriate music while keeping them away from it? Feels like a huge catch 22 that I am glad I do not have to currently face.

The feminist in me just wants to say, “No, don’t listen to that song. It’s wrong and offensive and they are definitely overestimating and exaggerating their sexual prowess and ability.” But then the other part of me doesn’t want to take a song too seriously. I don’t want to get caught up in all the politics and “isms” that are constantly thrown around. I just want to enjoy a song without overanalyzing the meaning behind it. Is that really too much to ask? I don’t think so. Yet, we do get very caught up in the meaning intended in what is just some words strewn together and put on paper most likely in a moment of being under the influence of something. I get tired of the politically correct overkill at times. Sometimes, I feel that is what should be banned. It’s worse than rap at times and I just get tired of it. Don’t you?

So yes, this is my confession for the night. I like a really dirty rap song. What is your secret song? If you tell me yours, I will tell you mine.


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