Creepy Neighbors


When I first found my town home, I knew immediately that it was for me. It just felt right being there. Now if only everything else would click as well as me and my home. My neighbor across the way introduced himself on my inspection day and he seemed nice enough. He gave me all the information on my other neighbors and while I thought it was very nosey of him, it didn’t bother me. As time went on he just got creeper and creepier. He’s very tall so I always feel as though he’s lurking around. He has to be in his seventies, but dresses like a teenager, and wears bright lime green hoops. The fact that he is always hanging outside, of either his house or mine, makes it even more disturbing.

Then came his dog. A beautiful dog and very smart. Only the dog barked and whined constantly. He always left the poor dog outside alone whether it was 90 degree heat or pouring rain. He also never picked up after his dog so stepping outside smelled like rancid beans a lot of the time. I know my neighbors complained because he always got complaints and the homeowners association was always in front of his home. Oh and not only was he neglectful to his dog but he would often “discipline” him. Basically he hit the dog so hard and so repetitively that you could hear the dog whine from miles away. One day he came to my door and told me his dog died. That someone jumped over his gate and beat the dog with a bat or something. The weird thing is that the day he claims this happened I was actually at home and didn’t hear anything but him beating his dog like he normally does. I told my parent about what he claims happened and my dad, being a former cop, said he didn’t call the police or anything. He also said that my neighbor probably killed his dog.

After that, I tried to avoid him as much as I could. Every now and then I hear a knock on my door and figure it has to be him but I just ignore it. I really don’t feel like being bothered by my creepy, dog murdering neighbor. My most recent run in with him happened late one night on my way home from school. He stopped me outside and asked me if anyone in the complex had my phone number. I asked why and he said in case something happens or someone tries to break in. Now my thoughts immediately go to why would that be something he would bring up? Surely he would tell me or call the police if someone was lurking around trying to break in my house. He’s seriously creeping me out now so I tell him that my friend lives in the complex and has my number. His reply? Oh okay, well I thought it might be good for someone to have your number with your lifestyle and everything. I say well my friend has it so I’m okay and I turn to go in my house. Then I wonder what he means by my “lifestyle”. I must admit I’m a little offended. What was he trying to say? It’s like he’s implying I’m running a brothel out of my house or something. My sister thinks it’s the opposite. She thinks he means I’m a lesbian because I don’t have men running in and out of my house.

I don’t know what to think but I’m highly offended and regularly creeped out by this man. I hate having a creepy, nosey, suspected dog murdering neighbor.


2 thoughts on “Creepy Neighbors

  1. I’d mace him. No, seriously. If he’s going to creep around you and lurk, I’d act surprised, scream bloody murder, and then mace him. Then I wouldn’t apologize. I’d say… “Why on Earth would you lurk around like that? Are you stupid? Do you think women don’t defend themselves?” And then leave.

    Out creep the creeper. What kind of heartless, awful person kills their dog? He should evaluate his own lifestyle. Tell him off next time… I’d say “Just because I have a life and a lot of people in my life that demand my time doesn’t make me strange. Also, you might want to watch out… some strange occurrences have been going on here lately and all the neighbors are on alert… The police will be getting involved soon if this continues.”

    Just be careful please. Creepers creep on those they think they can get away with creeping on. 🙂

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