“About Me” In The Form Of Poetry

SInce I like poetry so much I’m thinking about turning the things I wrote on my “About” page into a poem. Check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks in advance for any and all feedback. Check it out:

Welcome to Nat’s_Life_Daily

Where I ponder if maybe

Life will change for me

And where I can speak freely.

My mind is always thinking,

Analyzing, observing, and working

On where my life is taking me.

Curveballs were thrown

At the worst time.

Plans were forged and made.

But the future still remained undefined.

Some other things you may want to know about me:

I got the nickname “Turtle”

for my penchant to walk slowly

and my love for the color green.

I’ve always loved to write

and thought about making it a future job.

It didn’t happen though

So I had to settle for my blog.

Sometimes I feel that people want to put me in a box

Lock away my identity and make me what they want me to be

However, I’m as sly and quick as a fox

And I will only be me.

So this is the shorthand version of me

The inner workings of my mind are churning endlessly

So follow along with me as I do my best to figure out life

But be patient because this could take an eternity.


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