That Song I Probably Shouldn’t Like…But Do Anyway

I’m driving in my car and a song comes on. The beat is good. I start bobbing my head. Then the lyrics start and every other word is b**** or f***. Of course it’s bleeped out but I know exactly what they’re saying. Despite the words, I can’t stop listening. The song has me completely […]

Does A New Year Mean A New Me?

Well, it’s officially 2013. A new year has finally made an appearance. I’m sure many will be excited and look to the new year as a time to start over and make resolutions. Resolutions that most people won’t keep and give up on halfway through the year. I made a resolution a long time ago […]

Differences Make The World Turn Around

Have you ever stopped to think how life would be if we were all the same?¬†How truly, utterly, and unremarkable life would be if we all looked alike, dressed alike, spoke alike, and lived alike? I’ve often thought about the differences between myself and those around me. I couldn’t imagine my life without these different […]