My atypical life as a school counselor…

So, as some of you may or may not already know, I am a School Counselor. I love my profession and am thankful for every experience I have had, both good and bad. I’ve been reminiscing lately about those experiences and I have decided to post some of them for you. Elementary kids can do […]

I’m Starting to Like this Blogging Thing

So I’ve been blogging for exactly one week and so far….I’m loving it. Here are my reasons and why: It’s like an online diary. Granted, I haven’t kept a diary since I was 16 years old but writing frequently and honestly brings me back to those days when I had so much to say and just […]

Walking and texting can be hazardous to your health

Walking and texting can be hazardous to your health. Or maybe it is only hazardous to my health. Either way I am on a crusade to save those of you who won’t put your phone down so that you do not end up like me…. Let’s start approximately two months ago shall we? My long […]


Show a little here………..reveal a little more there…….just not too much…….not too fast….. I find myself torn over what and how much to reveal about myself on this blog. Sometimes the internet and social media can be a cruel place. My earlier experiences with communicating with strangers over the internet have resulted in being called […]