Sex vs. Love


He wants sex. She wants love.

He wants someone to be at his disposal for his sexual needs whenever he wants. To be a ready and willing participant in whatever sexual gymnastics he has thought of for the night. He doesn’t want to date. He doesn’t want a relationship. He doesn’t want a friendship. He wants someone who will be mutually respectful of the fact that all he requires from this life is sex. He doesn’t want to get to know her. He doesn’t want to marry her or raise a family. Yet, if this is something he has to tell her in order to get what he wants, then he will. The future is not something that matters to him. He lives for the present alone. That is all that matters. The present is the only thing that will fulfill his desire. The present is the only place that can quench his insatiable lust for sex. But, what happens when he meets someone who makes him think about the future?

She wants someone who will be committed and faithful to her. Someone who will love her unconditionally. A person who will meet her high standards of love and relationship. A partner  to carry the burdens of life with and celebrate the joys. She wants someone who will be her friend, lover, and husband. A man who will know her inside and out. A soulmate. A man that has all of those high standards she has longed for all of her life. A relationship, marriage, and children. That is all she ever thinks about. Her future. The future that she has mapped out and guaranteed for herself. She has no doubts that this will happen for her. Love is her future and it will happen for her. She doesn’t think about the past or the present. The past has long since gone and the present is only a gateway to the future. But what happens when she meets someone who makes her think about the present?

So what happens when these two people, of completely opposite dispositions, cross paths?

I haven’t the slightest idea. Yet, this seems to be the path I’ve found myself in. A path where he wants sex and I want love. The end result is always the same because both of us are too stubborn to yield to what the other wants. So we continue this dance of love and sex. Never wanting to go completely forward but never quite wanting to give up. I think this is what the dictionary refers to as insanity.


3 thoughts on “Sex vs. Love

  1. Sex without love and commitment is guaranteed suffering. Wonderful to befriend the heart with kindness and love so that it feels happy and safe, whether you’re alone or until a true friend comes along.

  2. hahaha…welcome to the world of a millions…the term ‘opposite attracts’ often leads me thinking to completing it as ‘opposites attract broken hearts’…
    good luck…hope you find your midway soon 🙂

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