My atypical life as a school counselor…

So, as some of you may or may not already know, I am a School Counselor. I love my profession and am thankful for every experience I have had, both good and bad. I’ve been reminiscing lately about those experiences and I have decided to post some of them for you.

  1. Elementary kids can do no wrong. The smaller they are, the cuter they are. Even when they are running away from you 🙂
  2. Pre-teens are crazy. Their lives revolve around drama and they live and thrive on it.
  3. Ernest: my most memorable SPED student. Why? Because he once yelled at me “I HATE LADY COUNSELORS!!!” He also hated lady Principals and Teachers as well. Who knew a 6th grader could be such a misogynist? Ernest spent a lot of time in my office and I discovered he wasn’t so bad. His teacher thoroughly disagreed.
  4. I once had a 2nd grader hand me a note and run away. When I opened the note to read it, it said : Dear Ms. _______, you are an a**hole. Lovely little thing wasn’t she?
  5. I once had two 4th grade students get married at recess (they also made a marriage certificate) and divorced at lunch (they wrote a divorce decree). I guess they were prepping for the future as divorce lawyers or divorcees.
  6. I’ve had to deal with the rape and/or molestation of a student (male and female) on more than one occasion. It’s too difficult to say anymore than that 😦
  7. I’ve had to deal with some of the worst teacher’s in the history of education. They are still employed. Seniority trumps incompetence!
  8. Conversely, I’ve worked with some of the best teacher’s in the country. What makes them the best? They care, are creative, dedicated, flexible, patient, fair and kind.
  9. I like to follow up with my students and am proud to say that 90% of them have turned out quite well.
  10. Before I left grad school my professors warned me that Counseling is a thankless profession. So, if you are looking for gratitude you are in the wrong career. Boy, were they right. However, there were always those few kids who thank you for listening when no one else would. For being an advocate for them. For making sure they graduated and had all of their requirements fulfilled. For not putting down there dreams no matter how impossible they seem.


Now these are not typical situations for most School Counselors, except for #10 maybe. When I talk to my fellow School Counselors they laugh A LOT at some of my stories. They sometimes wonder if I’m telling the truth. I always tell them that I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried. I was in a very special place and while I will miss some of it……there is a part of me that is grateful for the reprieve.


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