I call a do-over

Today I had one of my Speech Pathology classes in the Fine Arts building at my university. I loved being in there. I purposely walked through the entire building to find my class. It was pure inspiration to see the sketches, paintings, murals, and sculptures done by students.

So of course as I’m getting ready to go to sleep……..as usual inspiration hits. What if I had a do-over?

Did you ever play a game as a kid and you did something wrong and wanted another chance so you called do-over? I did! I’m competitive that way.

So what is my do-over? Well, to pursue a career in Art of course. I always loved it and it definitely runs in my family. My aunt used to paint and would travel around selling her paintings. I never knew this until she passed away. I’m glad that she got to do what she loved while she was still alive. So why didn’t I do what I love? Well, I am doing what I love now. But before Education came Art. When I was younger I told my father I wanted to be an artist. Now my father, being the ever practical man that he is, said there’s no money in that. You don’t want to be a “starving artist”. Being a kid I didn’t know any better and no one told me any better, so I listened to him.

It wasn’t until much much later in my life that I realized I could’ve majored in Art and lived comfortably. I’m not an extravagant personality and have little desire to be rich and famous. Add the fact that my father raised me to be frugal with money and I could’ve been fine.

Now don’t get me wrong. Just because I’m imagining my life in an alternate reality does not mean I regret any of the choices I have made. I still get to do Art in my spare time and it still brings me total joy. Everyone (yes, even you) just has that little “what if” voice inside of them and this is what mine inspired me to think about: a do-over.


5 thoughts on “I call a do-over

  1. I feel for you nat. But i believe that there is still hope. “may bukas pa” (“there is still tomorrow” in filipino) as long as we are passionate about it and we really pursuit it, we can do the things that we want. I’m a sped teacher for almost 4 years no. I’ve been taking my masters degree for almost 3 years now. But i’m still able to do some of the things i want to do. I’ve learned to longboard last summer and i am able to ride my longboard during weekends, i’ve made 2 short films and the last of the trilogy is on it’s way, im still able to pursuit my street photography. I’m not rubbing it in or anything, i’m just trying to say that it is possible. πŸ™‚

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