“Bosses” and Stupid Ex-Boyfriends

A lot of interesting things have been happening lately. I really want to write a post about them, but between work, school, and studying I have no time to dedicate to blogging like I used to. Then when I take a moment to breathe, like I’m doing right now, I forget about most of what I really wanted to say. Oh well, I will just have to go with what I remember.

So, the first interesting thing has been one of my “bosses”. I say my “boss” because while she’s overseeing me and I’m learning a lot from her, I feel she’s more like a peer than a boss. For starters she’s my age. Even a year or two younger than me. Even crazier than that is the fact that her sister and I were in the same Counseling program and graduated with our Master’s degree at the same time. I remember having one class with her sister but we never talked or hung out. Also, she asks me a lot of personal questions.

I’m really not used to people asking about my personal life and wanting to get all up in my business. Most people will skirt around the deep personal stuff, but not my “boss”. She asked me flat-out one day if I was dating anyone and when I said no she asked me “why not?”.  I’m the type of person who doesn’t just volunteer information to people I don’t know. However, if a person is asking me a straight forward question I will gladly answer. So, we ended up talking about the “stupid ex-boyfriend” and I told her about that whole drama. Then we got to talking about internet dating and I told her about my disasters in that arena and why I gave up on it.

Now, I’ve had bosses that I was close with. I still talk to my old Principal from time to time. But, we never got into deep conversations like this. These are the type of conversations that I usually reserve for my friends. Probably because they are the ones who actually care about stuff like that. I’ve had some time to get to know her and I’ve decided that my “boss” is just a really laid back and genuine person. She’s one of those people who live life to the fullest and gets along with everybody. I’m actually glad I’m working with her and learning from her because not only is she an awesome person, but she’s awesome at her job as well.

The other interesting that has been happening is the whole sex vs love debate. Yes, it rages on with stupid ex-boyfriend. We just finished arguing via text message about it. I really don’t know how it got started but I know how it ended. The same way it always does: him telling me he doesn’t want a relationship, that he just wants me. I interpret that to mean that he just wants sex and nothing more and it pisses me off. So before I reply I count to ten to gather my composure and reply with only honesty. I say that’s the problem. That I’m not a girl who can have casual sex with someone I’m not committed to who isn’t committed to me. How does he not know this by now? It’s only so obvious. I feel like he’s trying to make me into someone I’m not.

Yet, when something bad happened to me earlier this week he was the first person I talked to about it. Probably because he texts me daily. Even if it’s just to say hi or see how my day is going. If we hadn’t been in a relationship we would probably make really good friends.It’s obvious we still care about each other but I know we could never really be friends. Why? Because he’d constantly be propositioning me to sleep with him.

*Deep sigh* That’s my life.


2 thoughts on ““Bosses” and Stupid Ex-Boyfriends

  1. It’s good to value yourself in that way, so you only give yourself to someone when you’re in a mutually caring, loving relationship. I sound old fashioned but if only more people took that view.

  2. I’m with Mr. Alanson on this one. Although, it’s great to hear that your job is going well. All that other romantic stuff we can figure out as we go. It sounds like the ex has some growing up to do, but that’s just my opinion. 🙂

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