Nat’s Life Updated


I think I may have to rename my blog from Nat’s_Life_Daily to Nat’s_Life_Weekly or possibly monthly. It’s been a crazy and hectic few weeks with many ups and some downs. But, I won’t complain about any of it because I’m loving all of it.

I HATED unemployment. It sucked. Yes, I got to stay home and not be stressed out so much and take some time for myself. But after the first few months of that it got old. After a year and a half of it, I was dying. Well, somehow I went from one extreme to the other. Now, I’m working full-time. When I get off work, I’m at school all night. When I leave school I’m studying for tests and quizzes. I’ve had zero free time to really concentrate on my blog and write. I’ve really had nothing to write. On many of my weekends, I’m involved in church activities so that takes away from my down time. But it has also been fun and I’ve found renewed energy and purpose in it. I work harder during the week to study because I know once the Sabbath comes, that is it for me. No more thinking about school and studying. It’s time to relax and commune with God. I’ve definitely grown to appreciate this mandatory respite from life in the last year. And now with life as busy as it is, I really appreciate it that much more.

Work is good. I’m at three very different school sites: an elementary school, a high school, and a non-public school. The elementary school is pretty cool. The high school is fantastic. The non-public school is okay. Everyone at all three sites seems nice. I’m working mostly with students in special education at all three sites. I’ve always had a soft spot for kids in special education so I’m glad to have an opportunity to be exposed to them more than I was as a School Counselor. So far the experience has been invaluable. I’m learning so much about the profession and already building a professional network of people. I’m trying really hard to do a great job so that when the time comes for me to re-apply for this position next year, there will be no hesitation in allowing me to return. Sometimes, I wonder if I’m maybe trying too hard or overdoing it. I don’t want to run out of gas before June.

So while my professional and school life are going great, my love life is still in the gutter. In the game of love vs. sex, love is always going to win out for me. I can’t help it. I’ve already been there and done the “no strings attached” thing. It doesn’t work for me. I attach strings. I have been trying to open my eyes and be more open to dating people I may have overlooked in the past. Who am I trying to kid? If a guy asked me out that I felt wasn’t my type I’d still say no. Or in my case say, “I’ll think about it”, knowing I won’t and should’ve just said no. I hate hurting people’s feelings. In not hurting their feelings, I’m probably leading them on which is just as bad, if not worse. There is this one really cute teacher at one of my sites. My supervisor adores him. She always tells me, “Isn’t he so cute?” I just say yeah. She likes him so much she wants to set him up with her daughter. Unfortunately, her daughter is already dating someone and lives two hours away. If my supervisor wasn’t married, I think she’d take him for herself. I can’t say I’d blame her though. The guy seems perfect on paper: tall, handsome, special ed teacher, kind, caring, friendly, athletic, and likes to travel. Maybe I should ask him out….

So yeah, that’s been my life for the last couple of weeks. There’s been more stuff with Mr. stupid ex-boyfriend but I’ll save that for future posts.


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