My Life As A Simile


My life is like a large body of water. Most of the time it is steady with a slow, swaying motion. Other times it is rougher and the waves are bigger. Then there are times when it is thunderous, with huge tidal waves, and it’s dark. Sometimes it is serene, calm and gentle. That is how my life feels today. Except that my stupid jerk of an ex-boyfriend keeps throwing a stone into my serene body of water. Insert sigh of frustration here.

I got the job. The one thing I have been hoping, praying, and wishing for over the last two years of my life has finally come true. I went in and did my paperwork today. I have a great salary and benefits. I’m so excited and grateful I can barely contain myself. Insert happy dance here. I have had a smile etched across my face all day. Two years of anger, doubt, frustration, sadness, and depression has faded with two words: You’re hired. If you have ever been unemployed then you know exactly what I am talking about. Even more so if you’ve been unemployed but still had personal responsibilities and commitments that still needed to be taken care of such as a mortgage or a family. I even ended up doing pretty well in school. While I didn’t get the A’s I wanted, I did earn a B+ and I am trying not to beat myself up too much about it. I just figure I will have to work harder next quarter. Especially since I’ll be working full time. Some may see this as a setback, but I’ve always worked best under pressure.

Yes, my ocean is serene. Or so it seems until my phone rings and it’s the ex. Or I go to my parents house and I see his stupid face walking down the street. Something is truly wrong with him. I mean how many times, in how many ways can you let a guy know that you are through with him until he gets it??? Yes, he keeps throwing his stupid rocks into my ocean, making the water ripple and curl. However many stones he throws in my water remains steady like me. My water is steadfast in the resolution not to let the rocks bother the intact ecosystem that it has built up over time. The rocks will eventually sink to the bottom and either deteriorate or become an integral part of my ecosystem. This is the way that life goes. Nothing lasts forever. Especially stupid jerk ex-boyfriends.

My life is like a large body of water. It has depths which I have not reached yet. There are unexplored sections that have yet to be discovered. There are those who will stay in my water and those who will leave it forever. Some will try to poison my water with their filthy chemicals of lies and hate but there will always be my protection agency there to make it sparkle and shine. Insert cheesy smile here. It is deep and seemingly never ending. However, it does and will end. I just want to make sure it ends without regrets, doubt, or fear.


4 thoughts on “My Life As A Simile

  1. Congratulations! I’m so excited for you! That’s just awesome… things really do work out, even if it takes some time 🙂

    As for your man problem, perhaps you should get yourself a little Christmas present… a taser. Or a cattle prod (double the voltage, half the price). I’m kidding! Mostly….

  2. Thanks! Have I mentioned how excited I am about this. I’ve been repeating this to people all day.

    My dad is an ex-police officer and I have asked him repeatedly over the year for some mace, pepper spray, or something. But he refuses to give it to me because he says I would use it on any guy that tried to talk to me. He was being funny but he’s probably correct. I could see myself doing that out of sheer fear or annoyance.

    • LMAO! That is the exact same thing my Dad said. He’s a fireman and he finds weaponry interesting (he’s a huge war history fan), but every time I ask him what the best pepper concentration is, he mumbles something about a concealed weapons permit (which I do not need, I’ve researched) and other manners of documentation. He’s stalling, but it’ll happen. One day, it’ll happen.

      But seriously, I would use it, especially in situations with creepers… “Hey baby, did you fall from heaven ’cause you’re AHHHH!!! AHHH!!” I’m smiling just thinking about it. Maybe he’s right. I need to wait a bit to wield the weapons of pepper and electricity… at least until I stop smiling sadistically at the thought of actually using them.

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