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This should be the "Life Bloggers" motto.

This should be the “Life Bloggers” motto.

While I enjoy writing my blog on an (almost) daily basis, there is something that I enjoy more often.

It is having the great pleasure and honor to read what others have written. Just like anyone else, I have a certain preference for what I like to read. My favorite reading material comes from the people I like to call the “Life Bloggers”. To ensure I wasn’t taking anyone else’s idea I went to my favorite source: the internet and googled “Life Bloggers”. Apparently there is a blog with the name “Life Bloggers” and it is written by people who write about their lives. It was even their tag line. For me, “Life Bloggers” is the term I think of when I think about my favorite blog types. The term could be interpreted in a few different ways but for my purpose a “Life Blogger” is a person who blogs about their life and experiences in various contexts. I think that’s a pretty good definition of them. I consider myself a part of the “Life Bloggers” too. I like to write about what comes naturally to me and there is nothing more natural than my day-to-day life.

When I say “Life Blogger” I’m not talking about just posting how your day went. That’s what people have Facebook and Twitter for. When I say “Life Blogger” I’m talking about the person who uses their life to tell a story. The person who openly and honestly shares their experiences and emotions. The person who is honest about what they are posting. So honest, in fact, that while reading it you can feel the sincerity in every word that was written. These “Life Bloggers” use their words as a call to others. This call is a warning to not follow in their past mistakes, a reveal into how something or someone has changed their life, or just a simple way to say I am human and flawed too.

My “Life Bloggers” don’t write for the notoriety  or praise. They don’t do it for fame or fortune. The reasons why “Life Bloggers” do write could be infinite. I don’t want to speak for all “Life Bloggers” so I will only speak for myself and why I do it. I do it because it brings me solace. I do it because it makes me happy. I can’t say that there are many things that currently do that for me. Becoming a “Life Blogger” has opened me up in ways I never thought I would. It has also shown me how far I have come in my life journey and figuring it all out. If you’ve ever read my “About” page, I seriously hope your patience hasn’t been lost yet.

This post is really just a “shout out” to all the “Life Bloggers” out there. It is my way to say thank you for keeping me entertained. Thank you for relating to those who feel unrelatable. Thank you for your honesty. Thank you for your openness. Thank you for your words.

Also, whatever you do, please don’t stop writing. Whether you realize it or not your words affect people in ways you can’t imagine. Keep at it “Life Bloggers” and know that you are appreciated.



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