You Know You Have Endometriosis When…

Today I feel better. I am less stressed and sated with who I am and the conclusions I unexpectedly came to during my moment of frustration. So I’ve decided to be more humorous and less serious with this post. This one is dedicated to all the many woman who suffer from Endometriosis like myself. Let’s compare notes, shall we?

You know you have Endometriosis when:

    1. Instead of having “a visit from your Aunt Flo”, you have a visit from Aunt Flo, her sisters, her nieces, her cousins, and her pets!
    2. Your uterus feels like it may drop out of your body and you have that moment where you think what a relief it would be if it did.
    3. You call out sick from work because you have cramps, but you can’t share this with others. So you just feign a cough and pretend to have a cold.
    4. You still wrap a sweater around your waist like a teenage girl when it’s “that time of the month.”
    5. Everything makes you nauseated.
    6. Curling up in a ball and laying in bed is the highlight of your day because it means relief.
    7. You go through a bottle of pain relievers like a kid goes through candy.
    8. Your moods change so much that people ask if you are bipolar.
    9. You moan and groan a lot, but it isn’t for the reason people think.
    10. You only feel normal about 14 days out of every month.
    11. You’ve tried every pain relief remedy around. Even the one from 1893.
    12. You constantly worry whether or not the person you’re with will understand your condition.
    13. You become the “flaky” or “party pooper” one in the group.
    14. You have scars on your abdomen that will never go away.
    15. Someone has said straight out or implied that you are “faking it”.
    16. You grew up believing to feel absolutely pained and sick when you menstruated was normal.
    17. You could be a drug store with the amount of pills scattered throughout your home.
    18. You’ve ever comtemplated a hysterectomy and you’re under the age of 40.
    19. You are forced to face the fact that you may never give birth to children of your own.
    20. You have an unusually high tolerance for pain.


I could go on forever because the list is endless. I mean there are four stages to Endometriosis for crying out loud! This means a lot of symptoms for a lot of women. Well my fellow Endo sufferers, I hope you were able to smile and identify with some if not most or all the things on my list. If you have some humor to add please feel free to share. I’d love to hear your thoughts as well.


2 thoughts on “You Know You Have Endometriosis When…

  1. So true! I learned at a young age to go ahead and eat whatever my cravings were, as opposed to the healthy salads or beans, because no matter what, I was going to have “constipated diarrhea” for that week! Even with a complete hyst now, I still know when my body is cycling due to how it affects the bowels. Fun stuff. Not something you can share with people either. Now I know that the cause is from the inflammation, so I add some “juices” when that happens.

  2. Number five is soooo true. Literally everything…I love when people give me the ‘are you pregnant?’ look. And number six too!! My fiancee hates it when I curl up to my heat pad, but it helps a little. For number 20, when I was younger and undiagnosed I had some normal everyday medical issues…but due to my high pain tolerance they became borderline dangerous. My general doctor warned me if I felt like I had even a slight cold…or a slight pain, to go see him right away. Fun stuff ;-)!

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