Giving Thanks

Now that I am more or less out of my tryptophan induced coma, I can write the Thanksgiving post that I have been wanting to write for the last two days. First, I love Thanksgiving. Everyone in my family has the day off. We get to spend quality time together that is uninterrupted by the stressors of life. My niece goes to see her dad’s family so it is usually quiet. My sister and I actually talk and laugh. The whole family reminisces about good times. Life is just good on Thanksgiving. Oh and let me not forget my mom’s awesome food. I have had a lot of time to be reflective on why I am thankful as the holidays pass and the years slowly begin to wind down. So here is what I am giving thanks for on this Thanksgiving:

    1. I am thankful to God. My life could be very different if it weren’t for my faith in Him. He has shown me a new and better way to live my life and I am thankful for his presence every day that I am alive.
    2. I am thankful for my family. I love them. We could be a lot more dysfunctional than we are but thankfully we are not. We are there for each other no matter what and that can be hard to find at times.
    3. I am thankful for my friends. They are truly an extension of my family. They are often my support system when I feel alone. They love me and accept me unconditionally.
    4. I am thankful for my health. True, I am certainly no where near the poster child for perfect health. I have a few health issues but I recognize that it could be much worse. I am able to walk, talk, breathe, and live my life without the assistance of anyone. For this I am thankful.
    5. I am thankful to WordPress. I have a place to put my thoughts without fear of judgment or persecution. This website has connected me with so many people who I can relate to it is amazing. I’m glad to see fellow Endo sufferers and share experiences with them. I love reading about other people’s relationship and life struggles because it tells me I am not the only one. So thank you WordPress!
    6. I am thankful for my education. I am aware that I am especially blessed to have this. There are still places in the world where a woman would never be allowed to attend school as much as I have. I am grateful that while I was laid off from one trade, I can easily go back to school and learn a new one.


So there you have it. It’s not a long list I know. There are many more things I could go on and on to be thankful for but, quite honestly, I feel the tryptophan taking effect again. Plus, I will have plenty of time to continue to express my gratitude and thanks for all that I have. There is still Christmas and New Years after all.


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