Why I Love/Hate Chick Lit

Don’t judge me.

I can’t help myself for being a closet hopeless romantic and an openly sarcastic realist all in one. That is just how it is for me. I’m complicated, so sue me. Luckily, I know for a fact that I am not alone in my addiction to chick lit. All of my friends, their friends, and their friends friends are proof that there are many women like myself.

I like chick lit because it’s fantasy. It all goes back to those fairy tales that were read to me as a kid or that I watched on television. Chick lit is my modern day fairy tale. However, in chick lit, he’s not always perfect. Neither is the heroine for that matter. Due to the fact that chick lit characters are most often flawed, it makes it seem more realistic. This appeals to the openly sarcastic realist in me. We humans are very flawed after all. The characters are filled with doubt and constantly question themselves, while trying to find their way.

Sounds really familiar.

In chick lit, love isn’t always instant like it is in fairy tales. It isn’t perfect either. There is always some obstacle to overcome, as there often is in reality as well. Yet, despite all of these imperfections and obstacles, it all comes together. Love is found. Once it is found, it is seemingly perfect as it usually is when you are in the honeymoon stage of a relationship. Chick lit always ends there. There is no divorce, no infidelity, no diseases. If there is divorce or infidelity, it is always overcome by some handsome hero that swoops in and saves the heroines broken heart.

And now we lead in to why I hate chick lit.

There is always a happy ending in chick lit. This is not always true in life. Some people never find their happy ending and this is real. Happy endings are temporary and fleeting in real life. They do not last forever which is why people try their hardest to catch them as they can. Also, in chick lit, the hero is so understanding to the heroines wants and needs. What crap. How many men really know what a woman wants? None, I tell you. Not one. This is why there is this thing called “the battle of the sexes”. I know there will be someone who will think well my husband/boyfriend is like that. Um, no he really isn’t. You have just trained him well. Congratulations. That, or he has you fooled. So sorry.

Have you noticed how in chick lit the hero is the perfect physical specimen of man and has sexual prowess that is indescribable? Have you noticed how the heroine can orgasm at the drop of a dime? Wake up people. This is not real. In real life men don’t know about foreplay or last longer than ten minutes. And that is being generous. In real life women do not orgasm at the drop of a dime, if at all. In real life, sex is overrated. Sorry, but it is. It can be awkward, confusing, painful, and emotionally scarring. Sure it can be the opposite of all these things, but how long does it take to actually get to that point?

Of course, what do I know? I’m just a bitter, realist, closet romantic who has a love/hate relationship with chick lit.

The same reasons I love chick lit, are closely related the the reasons I hate it. Either way, I just know I find it extremely hard to put it down. Do you share my love/hate relationship with chick lit? Or do you just solely love it or solely hate it? Do you find it hard to put down or just hard to read?


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