Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Laughter

Who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh? You would have to be a robot not to like to laugh at a good joke or funny video.

Today the pain has subsided and I am in search of laughter. There are many things that tickle my funny bone. If I think back to when I was about eight years old and I was sitting at the old kitchen table in my parents house while my sister was cooking a whole chicken in the oven. All of a sudden we heard this loud boom like there was an explosion. Oh, there was an explosion all right. My sister blew up the chicken. I hope I never forget moments like those. I like to remind her of this every so often. Of course, only to ensure that the memory stays fresh in my mind.

My niece and my dog also make me laugh. I have plenty of memories of each of them doing something that has made me laugh until my stomach hurts and I have tears in my eyes. My favorite memories of my niece come from her as a kid learning proper food etiquette. My fondest memory comes from a night where her mother and I took her out to a restaurant to eat. I forget exactly what she was eating but whatever it was, it was so delicious she started licking her fingers. Her mother told her that you don’t lick your fingers in front of other people. How did my niece respond? She calmly turn her head away from the other people in the restaurant, bends down slightly like she’s hiding, and continues to lick her fingers very slowly. My sister and I had never laughed so hard in public. Even the manager had to come over and check on us.

Now that I am studying Speech Pathology and learning about voice disorders, I swear that my dog Cheesecake has a voice disorder. When she was a puppy it took her a long time to speak. Then when she finally did speak it was the most pathetic bark I had ever heard a dog make in my life. She is now 7 years old and her barks still sound strange to me. Her howls are even worse. The telephone seems to be the bane of her existence. The first ring always causes her to make a low, whiny, irritable mumble. The second ring has her trying to howl, but it just won’t come out. By the third ring, she is making the most pathetic howl I have ever heard. By the fourth ring she feels like she’s on a roll now. However, it is still the saddest noise I have ever heard. Don’t believe me? Judge for yourself. 

Laughter is healthy. It relieves stress, tension, and anxiety. It relaxes you. It burns calories. It just makes you feel good and who doesn’t want that? An added bonus, laughter is free!

Stop the stressing and overanalyzing long enough to make room for  life, liberty, and the pursuit of laughter. Fake doctor’s orders.


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