On a Sugar High

I have the worst addiction to sugar. I love candy: lollipops, chocolate bars, chewy licorice. Name it, I’ll eat it. That piece of cake, oh yeah, I will take that too. Unless it’s carrot cake. Too contradictory for a sugar addict like me.

I know I’m not alone in my addiction to the sweet stuff. Dentistry isn’t a top profession because people eat fruit in the place of sugar. For the past week I have been munching on a bag of peanut butter cups. It was so good while I was eating them, but of course, I hated myself for it afterwards. Halloween is not helping with my sugar addiction. Ever go to the store during the Halloween season? Have you noticed the entire aisle that is dedicated to your favorite candies? I fell into the Halloween candy trap. You know, the buy two bags and get one free gimmick. My will power always wanes around this time of year. It starts with Halloween and then continues through Thanksgiving and Christmas. By New Years, I’m at least five pounds heavier and ten times more self-concious.

If you are addicted to sweet stuff like me this is how you know. If your favorite part of a wedding is the serving of the cake, then welcome to the club my sweet addicted friend. My sweet addiction goes far beyond just me. There is a family legacy of “sugarholics”. Myself, my mother, my aunts, and my mother’s mother. Even my niece is carrying on the legacy. There is rarely a shortage of cookies, cake, or candy at my sixteen year old niece’s disposal. Her and her mother even go so far as to keep a candy stash in their room.  At least I’m not THAT bad.

I guess I figure it will balance out since I try not to indulge in too much sugar January through September. Notice I said “too” much. How much is too much? More than twice a month. Well for a sugar addict I think that is very reasonable. I admit, however, that my sugar addiction is usually accompanied by stress. Surprise, surprise. Had a bad day at work? Eat a twix. Someone cut you off on the highway? Suck on a lollipop. Feeling a strain in your relationship? Eat a big slice of chocolate cake. Getting a divorce? Two entire chocolate cakes and a vanilla just for good measure. Ever notice how after you get your sugar fix, you just feel good. Happy. Joyful. Excited. Like you can move mountains and conquer the world. Of course, this is just a temporary feeling right before the crap hits the fan and the guilt sets in. You groan and feel miserable. You tell yourself I should go workout. But most of the time you don’t. You sit, feel sick, and let the fat cells multiply.

I mean even as I’m working through this post I took a break to eat a cup of vanilla ice cream. It was so good too. I guess I’ll cancel it out with a vegetable of some type later on. For now, I shall continue to enjoy my sugar high.


One thought on “On a Sugar High

  1. Hi! I know just what you mean! Also, I love your blog – I signed up for it today. I look forward to reading more! Debb, from: sunshinefactor.wordpress.com and debbieloeselstanton.wordpress.com.

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