Why I’m Blogging


Why am I here? Not here, as in earth, but here on WordPress.

Sometimes, it’s important to get back to the basics and this is as basic as it gets. As I think about why I’m blogging three questions come to mind:

    1. Why am I here?
    2. Why am I blogging?
    3. Why should I continue blogging?


Why am I here? Well, I found out about WordPress because my cousin has a WordPress blog. As I considered what site I wanted to blog on I felt like WordPress was a good choice. The other blog sites just seemed overrated to me. Plus, I felt I could remain most anonymous with wordpress. Everyone else I know with a blog uses other sites and I didn’t want them stumbling upon my site. Anonymity was a main priority at the time I was thinking about blogging. It isn’t as important to me anymore. What’s important now is being able to express myself.

Why am I blogging? Initially, I started blogging because I couldn’t sleep I had so many thoughts running through my mind and no where to put them. No one to tell them to. So, I decided to write them down. Then, I was inspired by a television show to create a blog that could be my digital diary. A place to share my inner thoughts and opinions. A place to clear my mind.

And now for the big question: Why should I continue blogging? My internet has been down for a while so I haven’t written any new posts. Even late at night when I had a great idea, I couldn’t post it. It got me thinking about why would I bother anyway. Then I’ve been reading all these posts about rules for blogging. Blogging has rules? Really? All this had turned me off to the whole idea of blogging. Then I realized, I’m not here for followers, comments, or likes. That’s all just a bonus. I’m here for me. I’m here because I need a place to clear my head while I sort through my life. I say screw the rules. Just blog what you want and forget about the rest.

This is why I blog and why I will continue to blog with WordPress. Why are you blogging?


2 thoughts on “Why I’m Blogging

  1. I started blogging to help me cope with a broken engagement. I felt like I needed an outlet for all of my emotions, and I wanted to keep myself accountable as I tried to rebuild my life and get to know myself again. I definitely understand needing to just get it out… but I also found solace in the fact that many people are facing the exact same challenges I am. There is a lot of hope, inspiration, and laughs on WordPress, so I’m glad I found it. 🙂 As for the rules, you are right. There are no rules here besides the “don’t be mean” rule. Everything else? Go for it!

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