A Full Life

Isn’t it nice to be hopeful?

To wish for a dream that could finally come true

To want something life changing

to happen to you.

What if we could all be thankful?

To find the words to express

our thanks, gratitude, and earnestness

to those we love like no one else.

Someday, can we all be peaceful?

To live a life without hatred.

To treat each other with respect

and not be so complacent in a world of unrest.

How would it feel to be joyful?

To laugh and be carefree.

To smile and grin at the life

that is filled with glee.

How about we live happily?

Let’s decide what it is we want to do

and follow through so we can be

an inspiration to others like you and me.

Why can’t we?

Have a full life

with everything we will be.

Maybe it’s not the meaning of life, but a full life that is worthy.


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