Could this be It?



Could this be it? Could I have finally found a career that has a future, that’s interesting, that I could love and enjoy, that has security and I could retire with?

Well, I think I may have. I am absolutely loving my Speech Pathology program. I’m only in my fourth week in my first quarter and I feel like I’m finally where I’m supposed to be. Both of my degrees in Psychology and Counseling seem to combine perfectly for this career path. So far my lectures have combined many things from my work experience as well as things I’ve already learned about. This works out great for me!

I have my first exam approaching quickly which is a little nerve racking. Even during my first stab at graduate school I didn’t really take any tests. I have to dust off my brain and really get back into school mode which is hard when you’ve gotten used to being in work mode. I never even thought I would be back in school. I had thought about it but I was so tired and broke from loans I said it wasn’t going to happen. Yet, here I am back in school accumulating more debt than I ever wanted to. Despite that I am so ready to go all out for it. I also can’t wait to work with the tiny humans (kids). I hear my professors talk about them and it just makes me actually happy and excited. I love little ones. Even as a Counselor, I would always make my way over to the kindergarteners when I needed a good laugh or a smile. Kids are so innocent and cute that you can’t help but love them even when they are behaving badly.

Despite all of my confusion and frustration with every other aspect of my life, I feel like this could be the one thing that could actually work out. It actually makes me smile just to think about it. So, could this be it? I think it could.


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