Cheesecake and Tiny

Do you have a pet or pets? I have a dog whom I adore 90% of the time. My sister and her daughter have a cat that I loathe 90% of the time. When my dog and their cat occupy the same space at my parent’s house it is a tornado of brown and gray fur. When Tiny and Cheesecake come together the expression “fight like cats and dogs” is very apparent. Tiny will come up to Cheesecake, stick out her paw, and slap her across the face. Cheesecake will retaliate by chasing Tiny around the house until Tiny hides under or on top of something. Sometimes Cheesecake will attack first. Tiny will come downstairs and Cheesecake will bark and chase after her until Tiny is hiding out somewhere. I’m not sure if they are fighting or playing at times. Occasionally I hear a whimper from Cheesecake or a yelp from Tiny. I’ve heard crashes into the wall as well. Cheesecake loves to sniff Tiny a lot. It’s like she’s constantly trying to figure out why that “dog” looks and smells so different from her. Tiny couldn’t care one way or another. I have never met an animal as apathetic as Tiny. It just doesn’t seem normal to me. Together, they make the definition of the odd couple yet somehow they seem to work it out during their time spent together at grandma’s pet day care a.k.a. my mom’s place.

This is Cheesecake

She is an 8 year old terripoo (terrier/poodle mix) and she belongs to me. She was a gift from my parent’s neighbors and she has been mine since she was 3 months old. Sometimes I feel like we’re more roommates than pet/pet owner. She is very spoiled and that is my fault. Yes, I am a pet parent. I treat her like a human being. She sleeps in my bed just about every night. When she isn’t in my bed she has her own room to sleep in. I feel bad leaving her home alone so I take her to my parent’s house every day. She absolutely loves my mom and vice versa. Plus my mom doesn’t mind watching her “grand dog”. The blanket she is laying on in two of the pictures is supposed to be mine. Yet somehow she lays on it more than I do. She loves attention from anyone and everyone. 


This is Tiny

There are few words to describe Tiny that are pleasant. Oh, I know. She looks all sweet and innocent, but look closer. There is evil in those eyes. First of all she doesn’t belong to me. Tiny came into my life when she was almost run over by my sister. She belongs to my niece and my sister, but I think my mom takes more care of her than they do. Tiny seems to hate people. All people. She lives with my  parents and her owners. She sleeps in their beds. But do not come near her nor attempt to touch her. The claws will come out.



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